Boiler Electrical Installations in Wakefield – Smart Controls

by James @ ElectricBlu Contractors

Boiler Electrical Installations in Wakefield


If you are having work completed to your boiler then you should consider the benefits of hiring an electrician to complete your boiler electrical installation.

Whilst straightforward swaps are often completed by the gas fitter who has installed the boiler itself, more complicated installation or alteration of the electrical circuits supplying the boiler should be entrusted to a registered electrician

Electrical Supply Circuit For Your Boiler

If you are simply having a like-for-like swap in the same location then it is likely that you will already have a power supply in place for your new boiler.

However it is often beneficial to relocate the boiler during the upgrade works in order to give more room within the property. This can often be into a cupboard or even the loft. These locations are out of the way, however generally do not have a readily available power supply for your new boiler.

This is where using an electrician is essential to complete your boiler electrical installation.

Power can be sourced either from a locally available socket via a fused spur, or more ideally on it's own dedicated supply circuit for the boiler.

Having a dedicated supply circuit ensures that your boiler (and thus your heating & hot water) is not affected by issues with any other circuit. For instance, if your socket circuit was to trip or turn off, your boiler would still have a working power supply.

A dedicated supply circuit for your boiler should only be installed by a qualified and experienced electrician. In England, a new circuit is 'notifiable work' under the Part P of the building regulations. Hence this work should really only be completed by a registered electrician who can self-notify their own work.

What Is Involved in Boiler Electrical Installation?

The amount of work (and disruption to your property) depends on a couple of factors:
  • Whether the boiler is to be supplied by a spur or a dedicated circuit - In most cases, a simple spur from a local socket circuit is usually fairly easy to install. As such the disruption involved can often be kept to a minimum. A dedicated circuit will need a cable installing from the consumer unit/fuse board all the way to the new boiler. The difficulty, and hence any disruption to your property, really depends on the route the cable needs to take between the 2 points.
  • Layout of property - Particularly in the case of a dedicated supply circuit for your boiler electrical installation, the layout of your property will play a large factor in the work involved. The route of the cable to be installed could only be a couple of metres or it could literally be from one side of the house to the other. The particular layout of the property will dictate the route the cable has to take, potentially through walls and under floorboards, to reach the boiler and provide an electrical supply

Smart Thermostats & Heating Controls

Boiler Electrical Installation Wakefield

Modern boilers require more than just an electrical supply. In order to effectively use the heat produced by a boiler, it will be necessary to have some form of controls in place.

These are most often an electrical timer and also a thermostat.

The most basic setup is a standalone timer which would control when the boiler turns on & off. This is coupled with a thermostat to control the temperature of the house.

The latest trend in boiler electrical installation is to have 'smart' internet enabled thermostats. These do the job of both the thermostat and the timer. Not only that, but they allow control from your smart phone, wherever you have an internet signal.

There are energy saving benefits to using smart thermostats, as the property can be heated only when occupied and easily adjusted to suit different patterns of being in the home.

During the many boiler electrical installations we have completed within the Wakefield area, the main benefit most customers want from smart enabled boilers is the ease with which they can be altered in the palm of your hand even whilst away from the property.

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  • Mel
    8th September 2020

    Hi I had a total re wire 7 years ago and was issued an installation certificate which runs out in 3 years time .
    For my rental property do I still need to have the electrics tested

    • ElectricBluContractors
      30th September 2020

      Hello Mel, apologies for the late reply.

      Whilst it is likely that if you had a total rewire completed, the installing electrician has given 10 years until the next recommended test date. However, the latest regulations, the ‘Electrical Safety In The Private Rented Sector’ do not recognise any certificate which is over 5 years old. They require that you have the installation tested every 5 years.

      As such you will require an EICR completing for any new tenancy which begins from this date forward. If you have existing tenancies at that property, it would need an EICR completing before April 2021.

      Hope that helps?
      James – Your Local Electrician in Wakefield

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