Landlord / Homebuyer Electrical Reports (EICR)

If you are a landlord or are buying a home in the area then chances are you are going to need an electrical safety report. Often called Landlord Reports or Homebuyer Reports, the correct name is actually EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report).

The Landlord Electrical Report is considered to be an important piece of paperwork to cover the electrical installation of a tenanted property. Changes are being brought in this year to make the EICR mandatory for landlords in the same way that gas safety certificates are. Currently the law just requires that Landlords keep the electrical installation in their rental properties in a 'safe/good order'. Responsible landlords have long realised that the only way to possibly prove this is by having a landlord electrical report completed by a registered electrician.

A Homebuyer Electrical Report is to give a prospective buyer an indication of the state of the electrics in a property. Much in the same way that a building survey gives an indication of the structural aspects, a homebuyer electrical report gives a detailed look into the electrics. Quite honestly, this is an absolute must when purchasing a house (unless it has an electrical certificate or Electrical Installation Condition Report already).

All too often we have had customers who have bought a house without having an electrical safety report completed, only to find after they have moved in that the property has serious issues or needs a rewire! A building survey will never give a true indication of the electrics and the surveyors report always recommends that an electrician tests the installation. This is because they are not qualified, nor do they have the equipment to go testing the electrics.

Bear in mind that if the homebuyer electrical report is completed first, this gives you up front knowledge of any potential repair works required, and thus a better bargaining position when purchasing.

Although Landlords & Homebuyers are often having the electrical safety report completed for different reasons, the inspection, testing and paperwork is the same regardless.

What is Included on A Landlord Report / Homebuyer Report?

An electrical installation condition report will include a fully detailed visual inspection of the electrics within your property. This involves the following:
  • Removal of plug sockets for visual inspection/checking of connections
  • Removal of light switches for visual inspection/checking of connections
  • Detailed visual inspection inside the fuse board / consumer unit
  • Check of connections within the fuse board / consumer unit
  • Visual check of incoming supply and electric meter
  • Visual inspection of any accessible cables (in cellars, cupboards, etc...)
  • Visual inspection of light fittings and checking of connections
  • Check any accessible cables leading to garages/sheds/outbuildings
  • Check any cooker switches/connections
  • Visual check of any other accessible parts of the electrical installation
  • Verify the presence (and correct size) of any bonding cables
Generally speaking, lifting of floorboards or checking of cables which are buried within walls/etc... is not included within the inspections on an EICR.

The Electrical Installation Condition Report also includes thorough testing with carefully calibrated electrical test equipment. This comprises the following:
  • Test of incoming supply & incoming 'earth' connection
  • Testing of bonding cables to ensure they are connected correctly
  • 'Insulation Resistance' test on each circuit which tests the condition of the cables
  • 'Continuity' of the earth cable at each circuit/accessory
  • A test called (EFLI) which is to ensure that the fuse/circuit breaker will disconnect in the required time if there was a fault
  • Polarity is tested - this is to check that Live, Neutral & Earth are all connected correctly throughout and none are crossed over
  • Socket circuits which are 'ring circuits' are tested to ensure that they are actually a proper and complete ring (if not they cannot be used on a 30/32A fuse/circuit breaker)
  • If your consumer unit has one fitted, the RCD will be tested to ensure it cuts off in the specified times.

What Makes Our Homebuyer / Landlord Electrical Reports Different?

We make a really bold claim about this:

We will give you the most complete Electrical Installation Condition Report from any Electrician in Wakefield - and that is a claim we stand by.…
The truth is an EICR is a complicated piece of paperwork. It makes perfect sense if you are an electrician. But to most people, it may as well be in a foreign language. This is where we come in:

We attach photos of faults to the electrical report such that you can see (as best as possible) what the problems are.

We include a 'plain-English' breakdown of faults rather than just some list of regulation numbers. We also go a stage further. We want people to really understand the contents of their landlord electrical report or homebuyer electrical report.

To this end, we have started a section on our blog outlining each separate EICR code item and explaining what it is, what the best/most appropriate repairs are and also how urgent it is. Anyone can access this but we will send your report with direct links so that you can just click and read literally pages of explanation and photos of the fault in detail. This isn't an electrical manual neither, it's all in plain-English with as little techno babble as is possible!

We also care about your time. Time spent waiting around for the certification to be sent. All our electrical reports are completed on tablets and the end results can be emailed over very quickly (the same day in most cases).

Electrical Installation Condition Report - EICR in Wakefield & Surrounding Areas

So if you are a landlord letting a property out, or you are thinking of buying your dream home and have seen the one, think about getting an EICR completed quickly, properly and at a reasonable price by your local expert, specialists at Landlord & Homebuyer electrical reports within the Wakefield Area

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