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Log Cabin Electrics

by ElectricBluContractors
Log Cabin Electrics Log cabins are gaining popularity as an easy way to increase the space your home has. However little thought is often put into the Log Cabin Electrics. If you get the electrical installation in your log cabin wrong from the start, you can end up with nothing more than an expensive shed that is uncomfortable to use. We’ve fitted quite a few log cabin electrics as of late, and noticed just how popular they are within Wakefield & the surrounding areas. What Electrics Can Be Installed in A Log Cabin? The list of electrical items you can […]

Loft Conversion Electrics

by ElectricBluContractors
Loft Conversion Electrics in Wakefield If you have been considering a loft conversion in Wakefield, then one thing you need to make sure you get right from the start are your loft conversion electrics. Electricals are often overlooked among the more visual aspects of loft conversion works (such as roof windows or the decor). However if you fail to properly plan out your loft conversion electrics then you may face problems further down the line. Particularly as the electrics need to be installed early in your project, it is worth spending some time to make sure you get this aspect […]

Fuse Board Upgrades in Wakefield

by ElectricBluContractors
Fuse Board Upgrades in Wakefield If your property in Wakefield has an old, outdated fuse board then it may be time to consider the many benefits of having your fuse board upgraded. The very heart of the electrical system within your home, your fuse board distributes power from your electricity meter around all the circuits within your property. From lights to sockets, cookers to showers; each and every circuit is connected to the fuse board. Older fuse boards often lack a number of the features of a modern consumer unit (this is the name of a fuse board replacement, quite […]