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Outbuilding Installation

Whether it’s a shed, garage, detached outbuilding or even a hot tub, ElectricBlu Contractors has seen & wired it all!

If you have a building separate from your house, we are experts at getting power to it.

From running SWA (steel wire armoured) submains to complete installations within the outbuilding, we can design and install even for the most extravagant requirements.

We specialise in outbuilding installations, paying particular attention to the small details to ensure your project goes as smooth as silk.

Detached garage for the budding mechanic?  High current submains for running welders and other powerful equipment

Detached gazebo with hot tub?  32A supplies with extra earthing arrangements for safety.

Detached shed as a home office?  Data & security arrangements can be installed at the same time.

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