Coronavirus Electrician in Wakefield - Service Update

Do you need an Electrician during the Coronavirus Crisis?

.......Up to date June 22nd 2020

So long as your household is free from potential COVID-19 symptoms, all works within peoples homes is now allowed by the Government after a relaxtion of the lockdown rules.
It no longer needs to be considered 'urgent work' before we can attend (or anyone else for that matter).

Obviously there is a stipulation over work in homes where people are self-isolating due to suspected, or confirmed, COVID-19.
In this instance, only works which are classed as emergency can be undertaken within such homes.

Trades In Your Home During The Coronavirus Crisis - Safety First

Current UK Government guidelines stipulate a number of recommended safety measures to be undertaken when we are working within your home.

We have ensured that we are up to date with the latest requirements and recommendations, always taking a 'best practise' approach to ensure we are as safe as could possibly be.

As stated previously, we can now undertake a full range of works within homes including (but not limited to):
  • New Light Fittings Fitted
  • Landlord Electrical Safety Reports
  • Extra Sockets Fitted
  • Fuse Boards Upgraded
  • Light Switches Moved
  • Power Installed To Sheds/Garages
  • Extractor Fans Installed
  • Outdoor Sockets Fitted
  • Homebuyer Electrical Safety Reports
  • .......... & many more.....
We have received online training to ensure that we have the knowledge of the latest safety recommendations and how we can ensure we keep you & your family safe.

Our policy / procedure is set out below:

Safety When Hiring An Electrician during Covid-19

The first thing to do when engaging a coronavirus electrician in Wakefield during this period is to ensure that you FULLY disclose the circumstances prior to them entering your property.

If you have a member of your household who is self-isolating, high-risk or is being 'shielded' then it is vitally important that all parties are aware so that a safe method of work can be established.

ElectricBlu Contractors, "Your Local Electrician in Wakefield" are working by the following policy list to ensure Covid-19 safety for both our customers and staff:

  • ElectricBlu Contractors staff are reporting daily on their own lack of symptoms
  • Phone call with customer prior to entry to establish whether anybody is self isolating or shielding.
  • During phone call, gain as much information as possible with regards the circumstances of any fault and how the issue came to light.
  • If possible with customer, use video calling on whatsapp, Facebook messenger or other app. This will enable more information about the fault to be gained prior to entrance into the property
  • During either phone or video call, try and ascertain layout of property, certainly position of consumer unit/fuse board and anything else relevant to the fault.
  • Customers must unlock exterior door and then enter another room in the property. Social distancing of 2M is not possible in most homes and thus we need to be in different rooms to household members to enable this to take place.
  • Upon entry to building, our electrician will use hand sanitiser and then wear gloves whilst inside the property.
  • Disposable face masks (>FFP3) will be worn by our electricians when within your property
  • Disposable boot covers will be worn at all times during works indoors
  • Any surfaces which have been touched by our electrician will be wiped clean with disposable wipes
  • Any door handles, switches, etc... which have been touched during the course of the works will be wiped clean with disposable wipes
  • All wipes, gloves, masks, disposable items and packaging will be removed from site by our electrician
If you need a coronavirus electrician in Wakefield or surrounding areas during this time then ElectricBlu Contractors are here to help.

We aim to make our visit to your property to be 100% NON-contact with yourselves and members of your household.

Please ensure that you communicate anything which may make the works difficult (for example, needing to visit different rooms or awkward access arrangements).

We will ensure that a safe procedure is discussed and agreed upon before starting works.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) won't be here forever, but whilst it is, ensure that you take all precautions to protect members of your household.

Stay Alert, Control The Virus, Save Lives

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