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Extra Sockets

Struggling with extension leads and plugs everywhere?

Simply not got enough sockets in your property?

Or are the sockets not where you need them?

ElectricBlu Contractors can install extra sockets in your property to suit your needs.  We can also move existing sockets if they no longer serve the layout of the room.

This can especially be an issue with the growing number of audio visual products in todays living rooms.  TV’s, DVD/Blu ray players, sky boxes, freeview boxes, surround sound systems, games consoles… The list is endless.

The typical solution is to use a spaghetti junction of extension leads.  This is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous, easily overloading the extension lead and posing a significant fire risk.   

Allow us to provide you with a free survey and a totally no obligation written quotation for sorting that jumble of cables once and for all!