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“Excellent job done replacing my old consumer unit. The work was completed efficiently and left clean and tidy. I would recommend Electricblu…”

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The number one safety upgrade you can do to the electrical installation in your property is to fit a modern, 17th edition compliant consumer unit.

Fuse board

If your home has an old, rewireable fuseboard like the one above it will not offer the best level of protection against either electric shock or fire.  Even more modern consumer units featuring MCBs (Micro Circuit Breakers) fitted up until 2008 do not offer protection to the latest issue of the wiring regulations.

Modern consumer units are fitted with dual RCDs (Residual Current Device).  These detect for earth faults and will disconnect the power quick enough to prevent a fatal shock from occurring.  An example of an earth fault would be drilling through a wire in your wall or indeed cutting the cable with your lawnmower.  Such accidents as these can be very dangerous without full RCD protection.

The 17th edition of the wiring regulations requires that all socket outlets are RCD protected.  It also requires all wires buried in walls which are less than 50mm from the surface (this is the vast majority of cables in domestic situations) are covered by an RCD.  Lastly, any circuit which supplies a room containing a bath or a shower must be RCD protected.

By upgrading your old fuseboard/consumer unit you will be providing the best possible protection to both your family and your property from electrical faults on your installation.

ElectricBlu Contractors can supply and fit 17th edition, AMD3 compliant consumer units, RCBO consumer units or small shed/garage consumer units.  All work is fully guaranteed and insured and Part P building regulations certification is supplied.

Consumer Unit

Consumer Units