Service for your House Electrics?

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Service For Your House Electrics?

You ask a lot from your house electrics. You expect the lights to be on when it’s dark. You expect the cooker to heat your Sunday dinner on command. And last but not least you expect the electric shower to wash away without a second thought.

But do we ever stop to think about the wiring underneath the floorboards and buried in the walls?

Let’s compare the electric system in your home to something else people can relate to – a car.

Your car gives you trouble free driving (hopefully!), however this is generally only the case if the vehicle is regularly serviced and checked by an expert. If you neglect to service your car, then it’s quite possible you will run into problems down the line.

So why don’t we service our home electrics?

We expect the same trouble-free from our home electrics as we do our cars. So why do homeowners generally fail to have their home electrics serviced?

Obviously cars wear much quicker than an electrical system, which is why they need servicing more regularly. However don’t make the mistake of thinking that the components within your home electrical installation don’t wear. Switches have moving parts, circuit breakers can fail and cables wear over time.

It would be foolish to ignore wear and tear damage to the electrical installation within your home considering the potential consequences. Worn and faulty components can be a cause of electrical fire. Broken and damaged electrical items can also pose a risk of serious electrical shock.

How do you “service” home electrics?

It’s easy to bob your car along to the local garage, but how on earth do you get your home electrical installation serviced?

You need a qualified, reliable local electrician to complete an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). This is the electrical equivalent of a full service of the installation.

The EICR includes a full series of detailed tests and inspections. Your electrician will complete these at your property and then will give you a written report of the state of the electrics.

Obviously in order for your electrics to continue to perform without fault, it will be necessary to repair any issues found. However it is impossible to ascertain the true state of the electrical installation without sensitive test equipment being used first.

So next time you turn the lights or the TV on, just think how long it has been since the electrics in your home have been “serviced”…..


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