Media Coverage of Our Award Win! Best Local Electrician – Wakefield

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Best Local Electrician – Wakefield

“Best Local Electrician – Wakefield” winners, we have been featured in a number of high profile local news outlets!

Now, we don’t normally like to waffle on about ourselves in this blog.  We’d rather give you helpful hints and electrical tips, however we were so proud to have been featured in these local papers that we thought it was worth one more post (last one – we promise!)

The Yorkshire Post Business Supplement broke the news of our award for Best Local Electrician – Wakefield.

We were presented with this achievement in recognition of our excellent customer service and continuing efforts to make the whole “using a local tradesperson” process a bit smoother.

Our article was featured on Page 2 of the Business Supplement on the 1st November 2018.  This article has also been featured on with worldwide coverage!  We might be a Local Electrician in Wakefield, but worldwide fame awaits!

Best Local Electrician 2018 – Yorkshire Post

A summary of the article as featured in the business supplement appears below:

ElectricBlu Contractors was a winner in the 2018 Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Awards

….recognised as”Best Local Electrician – Wakefield” after beating stiff competition from other local electricians

…..dedicated to promoting excellence within their industry

I was not personally made aware of ANY of the newspaper articles either up front nor after publication.  My comments from within the article were those made for the Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Awards 2018.  Google My Business sent me an alert that a press article had been published on PressReader containing “ElectricBlu Contractors”.  It was at this point I followed this back and found the local Yorkshire Post Business Supplement article.  It was a great suprise (and honour) to find ourselves featured on such a regional level for our achievements as Best Local Electrician 2018 – Wakefield!  

Of course we have bought a back copy to keep for our office!  You can see the article online at PressReader or check the pictures below:

Best Local Electrician 2018 - Wakefield - ElectricBlu Contractors
© Yorkshire Post
Best Local Electrician in Wakefield 2018 - Award Winning ElectricBlu Contractors
© Yorkshire Post

Best Local Electrician – Wakefield Express

Your local electrician in Wakefield, ElectricBlu Contractors are immensely proud to have been featured in the Business section of our local weekly paper, The Wakefield Express!

A transcript of their article regarding our Local Electrician award is below:

A Wakefield company has won the title of Best Local Electrician – Wakefield in the 2018 Yorkshire and Humber Enterprise Awards.

ElectricBlu Contractors [beat off] stiff competition from other local electricians to clinch the award, for service, ingenuity and hard work.

The awards have a merit based judging system which ensures all shortlisted organisations, regardless of size, are assessed thoroughly.

ElectricBlu Contractors offer exemplary customer service, together with a passion for their work, serving the people of Wakefield

They have used technology to enhance customer service with an online portal and online booking.

James, proprietor at ElectricBlu Contractors said:  “We’re proud to have been recognised for our efforts to continuously improve customer experience, and actually trying to alleviate our customers problems when using our services.  An element of trust is part of what we do when working in people’s homes and businesses, so it is great to win this award acknowledging that!”

Another total out of the blue one for us!  I was first made aware of this when an existing commercial customer emailed me to congratulate me on the win and the article!  A quick trip to the shop to purchase a copy and it turns out that we are there, in print again!  This article was first published in the 9th November issue of the Wakefield Express, the issue that is current at the time of this blog post.  If you are in Wakefield and still have your copy of the Wakefield Express then have a quick look at page 56 at the bottom of the Business Section and help celebrate our award for being the Best Local Electrician in Wakefield!

Best Local Electrician - Wakefield 2018 - ElectricBlu Contractors
© Wakefield Express

What next? World Domination? Best Local Electrician Ossett?!?

Whilst you might be forgiven for thinking all this media coverage might be giving us a bit of a big head: don’t worry! we can still fit in your cellar or loft to sort your lights!

The Best Local Electrician – Wakefield 2018 is going to stop banging on about it now and get back to doing what we do best, exceeding expectations when others have let you down…..

If you need a reliable local expert in Wakefield or surrounding areas, Call James today on (01924) 654034

James – ElectricBlu Contractors “Best Local Electrician 2018 – Wakefield” (one last time!) 😜😜😜